The “WIND CITY” website features an interactive 3D wind turbine model. As users navigate the site, the turbine responds in real-time to cursor movements.

Wind City

Wind City explains the inner workings of a wind turbine in an entertaining and innovative way. After a brief scrollytelling experience, users can explore a 3D model of the turbine and adjust parameters such as wind strength and rotor size to see the impact on power generation.

Project features:

  • Interactive App
  • Science
  • WebGL Scrollytelling
Show AppWind City
An interactive tool allowing users to adjust parameters that will influence the real-time calculations of the turbine’s electricity output. These changes dynamically alter the 3D wind turbine model and the surrounding environment.

The wind turbine model serves both as an illustration and an explanation of the technology. Users receive direct feedback on individual parameters through real-time changes in the 3D scene.

The 3D model of a wind turbine shows its key components and explains how they convert blade rotation into electricity.
Three mobile screens, each showcasing a different feature of the “WIND CITY” app. The first 2 show the 3D interactive tool while the 3rd shows a textual explanation of the 3D content.