A laptop screen displaying the “Heavens of Mankind” webpage. It’s a digital exploration of the celestial narratives of various cultures, featuring a world map and a list of diverse cultural interpretations of the cosmos.

Heavens of Mankind

Together with Stiftung Kunst und Natur, we are taking on the challenge of visualizing stories about constellations from fourteen cultures around the world, linking them to background information, and making them available to everyone.

Project features:

  • Interactive App
  • Culture
  • 360° projection
Show AppHeavens of Mankind
A screenshot, showing an immersive 3D explorative tool that allows the user to explore the night sky of the Inuit culture. The left side of the webpage displays a captivating illustration of the wolf constellation, while on the right side of the webpage, the accompanying text offers insights into the rich narratives behind these constellations.

Through close collaboration with authors, an artist, and an astronomer, we developed an intuitive tool that allows for the exploration of star stories while accurately representing astronomical constellations.

The article overview page shows various articles exploring the human connection to the stars, constellations, and planets in a variety of formats. Users will find more articles that delve into the fascinating world of celestial bodies as they scroll down.
Smartphone screens showing how to navigate through the constellations of a culture. First by clicking on a 3D model of the earth, then seeing the 3D model of constellations and then reading the explanatory text.

In the on-site exhibition, a touch table was used to enable visitors to explore the night sky themselves, accompanied by a large-scale 360° projection.

A multitude of constellations from the Mesopotamian culture, in a starry sky.