A line graph depicts the trends of bird species in agricultural landscapes. A small brown bird, representative of the species we study, perches on the graph.

The environment in East Germany

On behalf of Hoferichter and Jacobs, we created an informative website for an MDR documentary series. From a variety of provided datasets, we initially selected suitable ones and developed a coherent storyline that takes the user from the cloud cover to 80 meters below the ground.

Project features:

  • Interactive App
  • Documentation
  • Data Storytelling
Show AppThe environment in East Germany
A bar chart using a forest as its background illustrates the data of the forest damage from 1995.

We designed a unique layout that was also adapted for the corresponding MDR documentary series and conceptualized a variety of interactive elements. These include real-time air quality data retrieved from the Federal Environment Agency. This project was the recipient of the 2022 Grimme Online Award.

A factory releases a large amount of smoke, on it, we can read see the number 272 which represents the amount of sulfur dioxide load in Bitterfeld in 1998.
Three smartphone screens with a treemap showing data on german's fields, an overlay with a river and a map visualizing the state of the rivers in Germany.
Informations on the underground polution, displayed over the image of an earth texture.