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Figures is an information- and interface design studio for data-driven web applications.


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Together with our clients, we find a language for information and make it into appealing and intuitive web applications. We find innovative solutions for data visualization, microsites and thematic websites.

Data Visualization

Exploring data and forming innovative visualizations tailor-made for your devices.

Data Storytelling

We turn your subject into a story with interactive data visualizations, animations and the ability to go in-depth.

Thematic websites

We give your information a home as an online catalog, article collection or interactive database that you maintain by CMS yourself.


der Menschheit

Together with the Foundation Art and Nature, we are taking on the challenge of visualizing stories about constellations from fourteen cultures around the world and linking them to background information. We developed a specialized tool for exploring the night sky, a growing library of essays and videos on the topic, and a calendar of events for the accompanying program.
Screenshot of the interactive night sky on the website. A stylized 3D view of the night sky is shown, with drawings of ancestral figures of the Navajo culture embedded in it.
Screen capture of a Sankey diagram on the website showing the processing of different energy sources (fossil and renewable) and their uses (e.g. buildings, industry, transport).
Figures responded flexibly to our wishes and always had quick and creative solution suggestions at hand. We are thrilled with the result and hope to work together again soon!
Marijke Welisch, Fraunhofer IAO


im Osten

We were commissioned by Hoferichter and Jacobs to create an informative website to accompany a documentary series on the MDR channel. For this, we first selected a few suitable datasets from a large number and created a coherent story that takes the user from cloud cover to 80 meters below ground. An artistic look played a major role in the design concept, which was then adapted for the documentary itself. Among other things, real-time data on air values can be selected and users can explore the water quality of all rivers on an interactive map of Germany.
Screen capture of a section of the website dealing with species diversity of birds. A diagram showing a decreasing curve can be seen with the image of a skylark superimposed. An award marker for the nomination for the Grimme Online Award 2022 is placed below.
The elaborate visualisation and the creative illustration can be described as reference points of contemporary data journalism.



This project, which we realized together with the Leopoldina Academy of Sciences, is based on a study in which the causes of the decline in biodiversity were examined. To present the results to a broad public in an interesting way, we developed a microsite that uses interactive storytelling. By scrolling, the user moves through the short version of the study, interactive data visualizations, 3D-graphics and animations. At the end we present a variety of suggestions for action, which the user can compile himself according to categories.
Screenshots (mobile view) of different sections of the website side by side in a composition.
Figures provided creative ideas of their own and the exchange with them was pleasant and productive. The team was always available for us, which was very important as we had to flexibly adjust the schedule.
Johannes Mengel, Leopoldina


Land, Chancen

In a joint project with Fraunhofer IAO, acatech and BR, we created a website that explains various visions of the future using gentle Lottie animations. Survey modules are embedded between the animations, thus encouraging users to participate in a playful manner. The concept was a success, as evidenced by the above-average number of completed questionnaires. The results were used for evaluation as part of the ARD theme week.
Screenshots (mobile view) of different sections of the website side by side in a composition.
For the International Trade Centre, we analyzed their data set and created a design concept that fits each monthly Trade Brief while still taking an individual approach to the data visualizations. The goal was to provide a quick overview as well as the option to visually explore the entire data set. For this we developed an integrated solution with visualizations suitable for the data set, user interfaces and an overall layout.
Screenshot of a section of the website. The view contains several important key figures for individual continents as bar charts as well as a world map, where the individual countries are colored according to different categories.
Screenshot of the application. On a world map lines are drawn at the place where an airplane runway is located. The line is rotated at the same angle that the runway follows. Next to the map is an explanatory text about the project, which also contains information graphics. In addition, the image includes an award tag for selection to the shortlist of the Information is Beautiful Award 2019.
… Trails of Wind is actually an extremely accurate map of runways across the world, with each runway angled in the exact direction it is in real life.
Mark Wilson, Fast Company


we loved to work with

Everyone who cares about information is important to us. We team up with NGOs and newsrooms with as much passion as with companies and agencies. In close cooperation with our customers we develop customized solutions, excited about inspiring challenges.
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Information is the basis for everything. We want to give complex issues a shape that helps understand them. We believe that access to information should be easy and intuitive, and we meet this challenge with respect and a sense of responsibility.
Co-founder and design lead, David v.Buseck, smiling

David v.Buseck


Interface Designer and Data Enthusiast on a mission to visualize abstract information in a unique narrative style.

Co-founder and Project management lead, Sascha Collet, smiling

Sascha Collet

Project management

Sales and project manager with a dedication for 3D design. Supervises the big picture, making sure the customers needs are met.

Co-founder and development lead, Steffen Hänsch, smiling

Steffen Hänsch


Frontend and Dataviz Engineer with a passion for the creative potential of prospective technology.

Developer, Ludivine Constanti, smiling

Ludivine Constanti


Frontend Engineer, translating concepts into interactive websites. Always happy to learn new things.

Office manager, Corinna Päffgen, smiling

Corinna Päffgen

Office management

Office Manager - organizing and managing administrative tasks and processes. Lively tinkerer who enjoys taking on new challenges and has a soft spot for accounting.

Working student design, Tim Hönig, smiling

Tim Hönig


Information Designer with the ambition to communicate important topics and complex content with a fitting, unique visual language.

Design intern, Anna-Lena Keith, smiling

Anna-Lena Keith


Design student with a fascination and sense for the nuanced language of data visualization and data stories.

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